Tips & Tricks

  • Juices should be consumed immediately or maximum within 15 minutes from preparation
  • Smoothies can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 days
  • Is the taste of a juice a bit too strong for you? Add the juice of a lemon or orange to it and be surprised.
  • Peppers and Peas sweeten a juice or a smoothie
  • Use the lower part of ¬†Asparagus shoots in your next juice.
  • Did you buy un-shelled peas? Very good, shell the peas and add the washed and empty pea-pods to your juicer. You will be surprised how much juice is in a few cups of empty pea-pods.
  • The outer leaves of a Lettuce doesn’t look so nice to eat it in a salad but not so bad to through it in the garbage either? Wash the leaves and put them in the juicer.
  • You like to eat the Broccoli florets but always throw the stalk away? No more. Use it in your next juice. Sweet taste, lots of juice.
  • Do you keep forgetting to take your Vitamin D ¬†drops and/or your Fish Oils? Add them to your morning juice.
  • Did you buy some Radishes with nice and fresh greens included? Excellent, wash the greens and add them in your next juice.
  • Carrot tops are good for juicing too.
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